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How’re you Business Owner?



I’m Dario, Founder of Get These Leads.


Let’s skip the fluff talk.


You’re on this website because you want to grow your business and to figure out if we know our stuff.


I started Get These Leads almost exactly two years ago from a small apartment and  $300 I invested into an online marketing course.


I hustled, sent out proposals, cold-called businesses until I got my very first client.


Over time, I invested into coaches, marketers and business developers. My team and expertise grew. Now we’re a team of 5 people and we focus only on tactics that get our clients a positive Return on Investment.

How’s Get These Leads Different From Other Agencies?

We don’t want to land the next client and market whatever the heck he’s selling.

We only work with those businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world and not on a random dropshipper who just want to sell his useless junk through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.