Case Studies

Green Energy Provider

Struggling to make Facebook™️ ads profitable, this client generated leads for around $40 but the quality was very inconsistent. Sometimes they needed 4 leads to make a sale and other times they needed 13 leads to make a sale
We’ve started off with new targeting and an educational ad inside a CBO campaign.
We’ve also built a new high converting landing page.

The next step was to retarget everyone inside the CBO campaign and send them to the landing page with the help of engaging content.

High Performance Coach (€10,000 Coaching)

This coach got most of his clients through word of mouth. He just couldn’t get new clients through Facebook™️ ads. He spent a high 4 figure amount on his funnel and got only bad leads. He was selling a ticket coaching for €10,000. So he really needed high quality leads.

We’ve started off with a messaging campaign to figure out what objective is holding the ‘good’ clients back. Once we identified the bottleneck we started to run an engagement ad first and retargeted everyone who engaged with our ads. In one month we could get him 20 qualified leads and he closed 4 of them at $10,000 each. That’s a ROA of 26.88. 

E-Commerce Store ROA 4.12

This client sells baby products in the high price area from €69 – €299. Before this client came to us they were selling doing pretty good with Google SEO and Google Ads. That’s  why they wanted to tap into Facebook ads.

We’ve set up a couple video-information campaigns in our Top of Funnel before we went for the sale.

After that we’ve set up a couple conversion ads in Middle and Bottom of Funnel. We’ve retargeted everyone who’ve interacted with our video-information ads. As a result we’ve made your client €13,466 with an ad spent of only €3,266 which comes down to a ROA of 4.12.

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